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One of the most popular services we offer at Salazar is our suede and leather cleaning. Suede and leather items require high quality special care; this maximizes the wearing life. Garments crafted from this type of material are meant to last for years and decades to come. But this can only happen if you invest the care needed to make it possible. 

Our expert at Salazar Dry Cleaners has the knowledge, skill and experience to get the job done. This means cleaning, taking care of stains and even storage of suede and leather. These materials are made up from the skins of various animals. Improper cleaning techniques will result in altering the manner in which these skins are meant to look and can cause dirt to set in as a permanent stain. 

Professional Suede Cleaners

There simply is no substitute for proper suede cleaning. In order to make sure you do not compromise details such as color or texture it is essential that you trust in our professional leather and suede cleaners to get the job done. Uniformity among animal skins in a garment may not be perfect and a cleaner who does not know how to properly handle this type of cleaning, could end up only making the differences more pronounced.

Each skin possesses its own colorfastness that may also be altered by cleaning. Let us show you firsthand what a difference you will see in your leathers and suede when you let our pros get the job done. Don’t trust just anyone with caring for your fine garments crafted from this type of material. We can assure that you will be satisfied with the work we do to clean and care for your leather and suede.

Leather Dry Cleaning

Another thing to keep in mind with this material is that difference textures vary in how they absorb chemicals during the cleaning process, which may result in some leathers darkening more than others. You need to know you are working with someone who understands this and knows how to compensate for this. At Salazar Dry Cleaners we know you are going to love the final result of our cleaning.

Loss of tanners is another concern. This is what is applied to animal skin to preserve the supple feel. Some of these oils may end up stripped during the cleaning process. So it is essential to work with cleaners who know how to handle it correctly. If you are ready to get started, we can take care of your  suede and leather cleaning.

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